Our team of alchemists use their unique skills and extensive knowledge to create extraordinary experiences for consumers both online and off. We work closely with our clients to develop one-of-a-kind strategies and roadmaps that are cutting edge, authentic, and always break through the clutter.

At Onit360, we’re changemakers, steering our clients’ on clear paths through the marketing jungle.

When applicable, we help our clients achieve a positive social and environmental impact in the process, formulating strategic social initiatives and providing the necessary creative input, project planning, execution, and management to ensure that your social and/or environmental commitment is a reflection of your beliefs, not a marketing-trick or add on.

About our Chief Marketing Alchemist Roni Rudell

Roni Rudell is a 360-degree marketing alchemist renowned for creating master strategies and creative concepts across all consumer touch points. She is known for authentically connecting target audiences to brands in ways that are unique to each client’s needs. For this reason, CEOs and CMOs often contact Roni to provide solutions to difficult and far-reaching problems.

Since the inception of Web 2.0, Roni has been guiding brands on direct paths through the marketing jungle. Her expertise covers strategic insights, digital plans, social media plans, content strategies, off and online integration, experiential marketing, and great customer experiences.

Roni is a change-agent and a creative thinker who thrives in innovative environments. She takes on complex initiatives and pursues them to successful conclusions while coaching clients to become equally forward-thinking, flexible, and willing to experiment.

Roni takes a holistic approach to connecting with consumers. Connecting her passions with her experience, technical expertise, global mindset, extensive vertical market exposure in diverse industries to every project. She is a passionate believer that the world can be a better place, and enjoys working with like-minded companies.

Key accomplishments:

  • SPIRE: Collaborated with the developer of the SPIRE in Denver, Colorado, on all their digital marketing initiatives. Among our achievements was the 8183% growth in Facebook followers.
  • SIGG: Through the use of social networking, viral marketing, word of mouth, grass roots programming, structuring of brand platforms, online promotions, creative partnerships, SEO and SEM optimization, Roni created and launched SIGG’s Direct-to-Consumer division. Her excellence was rewarded when SIGG was named one of the Top 50 Innovative Marketers of the year by AdAge.
  • Boiron: Onit conceptualized, strategized, and implemented Boiron’s social media presence, including launching and building followings on Facebook, Twitter, conducting blog outreach, creating successful contests and promotions.